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Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3558

How to Screenshot on Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3558

How to Screenshot on Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3558 today we talk about this, which is most popular laptop model, for more infomation about this please contact DEll laptop official support.

Screenshot on Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3558 which is latest i5 laptop, this tutorial only for beginner who are recently buy and not know about how to take screenshot on Dell laptop, so follow this tutorial steps you can easily solve this problem.

Screenshot on Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3558

Screenshot on Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3558

If you want to learn that how you can take the screenshot on Dell Laptop Inspiron, then you have finally reached at the best destination. Taking the screenshot is not a daunting task at all until and unless you are taking it through your mobile. But have you ever thought about taking the screenshot from the Dell Laptop? Let’s make you teach how it is possible!

Method About How to Screenshot on Dell Laptop Inspiron:

Step No 1: As you will view the Dell laptop keyboard, you will find the PrntScr key that is located in the upper-right corner of the basic Dell keyboard. It is located as in between the “Insert” and “Delete” keys.

Step No 2: If you do want to take the whole screen as once, then you should tap the “Print Screen” key once.  This will be assisting you to take the screenshot of anything that is present straight away on the screen and copy the photo to the clipboard.

Step No 3: In the next step, you are required to hold the “Alt” and press the “PrntScrn” button. After it you will be going to release both of the keyes. This is the point as when the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard. It is to be noted that in some of the Dell laptops, you can also use the keys combination as “Ctrl + PrtScn” or “Fn + PrtScn” or “Alt + Fn + PrtScn” combination keys instead.

Step No 4: Now open the paint program and use Ctrl + V buttons or click Edit >> select Paste to paste the screenshot on Paint.

Step No 5: At the end of the method, you can eventually save the screenshot as the format file you want such as .png, .jpg, .bmp.
Don’t waste a single second now and hold your Dell laptop in your hands and let’s try with this simple tutorial!

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