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How to screenshot on galaxy s5 and ways to share in social friend

Why need to Take Screenshots

Let us know about how to screenshot on Samsung galaxy s5 … firstly we have to know why we need to screenshot? when  Your friend just texted you a funny autocomplete fail and you want to share it with another some friend. With your Galaxy S5 then you need it, you can quickly take a screenshot to save what’s on your screen as an image and then send it. Here’s an example is given bellow. —Eva Akter Meem

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1. Pull up the screen you want to capture.

Easy take Pull up the screen you want to capture.
how to Pull up the screen you want to capture.

2. At the same time Press the power and home buttons as like  billow 

screen-shot on galaxy s5
Take screen-shot on galaxy s5

Then look at your phone.You’ll see a white flash on the screen on your phone that you’ve captured. Then you’ll see the notification on your phone that your screenshot has been taken and saved to your phone gallery.

3.  To find your screenshot you’ll have to go your phone gallery.

Easy To find your screenshot you’ll have to go your phone gallery.
how To find your screenshot you’ll have to go your phone gallery.

4.Then find the Screenshots folder and tap the recent picture that you have captured then you see the picture which is taken by you as a screenshot of few minute ago….

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How to share my Samsung galaxy s5 screenshot in my social media friend?

If you already know take a screenshot from your Samsung galaxy s5, then it easy to share social media friend. Please follow this steps:

  1. 1st you should take a screenshot from your Samsung galaxy s5.
  2. Then you ask on save it your phone memory. If not ask any think its automatic save your phone memory or SD card.
  3. Go to photo gallery you can find here or check your another folder.
  4. Now run you social media Samsung galaxy s5 mobile apps. Like as facebook, google+, twitter etc.
  5. If you already run social media apps then go photo or album sharing option.
  6. Now you can select your screenshot and share with friend or member.

How to send my Samsung galaxy s5 screenshot in my IMO friend?

IMO is a social popular communication system most of the people love this system for maintenance community.  following steps you can do easily share:

  1. If you have Samsung galaxy s5 then you should take a screenshot.
  2. Then go your photo gallery to ensure to save you screenshot which you already take from you phone.
  3. If you see your screenshot has been saved successfully then go next steps.
  4. Run you IMO mobile apps.
  5. If you have not install IMO apps. you should 1st download and install for use. This app is free, you can find it google apps store.
  6. If already install then run and select a contact person and go chatting option.
  7. You see here an attachment option. You can easily attach some file, photo, video, mp3.
  8. Just select you Samsung galaxy s5 screenshot and click here send button and few seconds it will be delivery your selected person.

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 How to share my Samsung galaxy s5 screenshot with skype?

It’s easy to share your Samsung galaxy s5 screenshot with you skype friend or other people. just follow steps by steps:

  1. You can find skype apps or download from apps store.
  2. If you have not install skype app in you Samsung galaxy s5 phone, then you should download and install.
  3. If you have already install skype app then run it.
  4. When you run it you then you see you friend or people contact id (if you have already added).
  5. Now go chatting section and you see here different attachment option.
  6. You can choice here photo attachment option and attach your Samsung galaxy s5 screenshot photo and hit send button.
  7. Take few seconds to send, you can attach here multi photo in here.

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