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How to take a Screenshots On The Galaxy S6 and share with friend

Easily Take a Screenshot on your phone

You can send message or email every day or every time if you want you to share you have seen on your phone you must need to take a screenshot. To successfully want to do this job you should know this tricks. So taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge is very easy. You need know you phone button use and second tricks just swiping across your screen.–Eva Akter Meem

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Watch How To Take Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Shot / Capture / Screen Print

Also, you can use Swipe for Screenshots on the Galaxy S6 another tip

You have to use your whole hand,  that you can swipe from the right side to left to take a screenshot. You should be mind steps to steps and slow, careful at this movement, however.

Need Two-Button for taking Screenshots on the Galaxy S6 very fast

You can also use two buttons in tandem, which you may find faster and more accurate. But your fingers will need to press simultaneously.

1.To take a screenshot so press one finger on the power button, which is located on the right side. Don’t press it yet.

full press one finger on the power button to screenshot

How to press one finger on the power button to screenshot

2. Cover the home button with another finger.

3. Hit both buttons together.

If you hit one or the other first, you’ll end up going to home or putting the phone to sleep, rather than taking a screenshot.

press Hit both buttons together to take screenshot

how to Hit both buttons together to take screenshot

After you have taken a Galaxy S6 screenshot, you can find it many of ways:

  1. As a notification: Your most recent screenshot seems as an alert in your notification drawer. You can delete, edit by app, view or share your friend it from there.
  2. Go your phone gallery.
  3. You find this /DCIM/Screenshots folder on the phone’s storage.

Watch How to Take a Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge How To Take A Screen Shot Demo!!

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You can share this screenshot on facebook friend or add your facebook friend, for this reason, you just click your facebook profile and add photo screenshot, which you have already take you from the phone screen. If you want to take in your laptop or desktop computer then you can shareit app. For this reason, you should also install Shareit app in your desktop or laptop and android supported smartphone. you can download Shareit app in here : goo.gl/813GRd

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