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How to take screenshot samsung s4

How to take Screenshot Samsung s4

You know that samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular in the world. And Samsung Galaxy S4 is new upcoming version. This version is more easy and friendly to use. For this taking a screenshot samsung s4 is very simple. It takes a few minutes.

It is very easy process to the Samsung Galaxy user. If you want to screenshot on your new version, then you can follow our process. That help you to take a screenshot on your mobile.

How to take screenshot samsung s4
How to take screenshot samsung s4

At first How to take screenshot samsung s4

  1. At first you need to the power and home button.
  2. The power button is situated on the right sigh of the device.
  3. And the home button is situated between the multitasking key and the back key below display screen.
  4. Then you go to screen which you want to take screenshot.

How to take screenshot samsung s4 / Capture / Screen Print

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The Power and Home Button
Where situate the Power and Home Button

Now how to take screenshot on your device:

  1. At first you have to press and hold the power and home button at the same time.
  2. After you will be heard a shutter sound.
  3. After then you also successful to take the screenshot.
Click Power and Home Button
Press Power and Home Button at a time

Where is the screenshot saved;

After taking a screenshot it will be saved on gallery folder Then you can see it and share it many process.

Screen shot saved in gallery
This screenshot saved in gallery

How can you share this screenshot with others:

  1. From the gallery folder, you can share the screenshot using Whatsapp, mail, Bluetooth etc with your friends.
  2. Also you can copy to your computer using the USB cable.
Share screenshot photos
Share screenshot photos with others

How do you can edit your screenshot photos:

You can use many process to edit your screenshot photos. You can use many Editing software to edit your photo. But the most popular and usable software is Photoshop. You can easily edit your photo by use Photoshop. This outline will describe how to make an image from the content displayed on your computer screen. The aim will be to isolate an item on the screen so it can be posted back to the internet.

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Photo editing software
Some photo editing software

How do you can edit your screenshot photos by using Photoshop:

At first you have run and open your Photoshop software. Then you should open your screenshot photo in Photoshop. After then you can edit your screenshot photos. And then you can also share the editing photo with your friends or family.

Using photoshop software
Edit photo by using photoshop

How can you share this screenshot by skype:

At first you should sign in a skype account. Then you have to sign in this account. Then you can share you screenshot photos through skype with your family or friends.

shearing photo using skype
Share photo by skype

It’s so long and complicated to open Paint/Photoshop/whatever and saving a file somewhere, then dragging it to Skype just send a screenshot to a friend through Skype! How can I speed up the process? Do I need an external app?

  1. At first you should Press the PrintScreen button when your computer is in the desired state to take the screenshot.
  2. Then you Go back to Skype. With your writing cursor (the flashing thing) inside the message typing field, press Ctrl+v to paste the pixels into your Skype conversation. Alternatively, right-click the field and select Paste.
  3. And then you should see a small version of your screenshot in the field now.
  4. Then Press Enter. Skype will create a PNG file named with a timestamp and send it.

How to take screenshot samsung s4!!

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