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HP laptop 15-AY503TX (Z1D92PA)

How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-AY503TX (Z1D92PA)

How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-AY503TX (Z1D92PA) for this title you already understand about this tropic. It is a common fact that each single person do love to take screenshots all the time for so many reasons. You can often take the screenshots as in order to save some event information.

HP laptop 15-AY503TX Screenshots are probably becoming one of the excellent sources of the customer service. They do help out with the desk representatives. Now most of the users who do have HP laptops, they do find much issues in order to take the screenshots on HP laptop. Below we would explain out the step by step guide to take screenshot on HP laptop easily!

Method to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-AY503TX (Z1D92PA):

  • Step No 1: If you have a desk keyboard HP laptop, then you should press the option as “prnt scrn” key. This will going to store an image of the screen straight away on top of the Windows pasteboard. You are often left with the option as where you can paste the image into an image editing program.
  • Step No 2: In order to create with some screenshot on top of the laptop, then you need to press “Fn-Prnt Scrn.” The screen shot can often be pasted into an image file by means of using the image editing software.
How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-AY503TX (Z1D92PA)
How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-AY503TX (Z1D92PA)
  • Step No 3: In HP laptop, mostly Windows Vista and all versions of Windows 7 are prominently used. Most of such categories of the windows comes with the snipping tool. In order to use it, you have the option of “start” and then click on “all programs” and then click on “accessories. At last you will choose the option of “snipping tool”. Jjust drag the cursor over the area of the window which you want to capture. Find the location where you want to save the screenshot and then click “Save.”

Try this method now and screenshot your important work on your HP laptop!

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