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HP laptop 15-ay554tu (1DE70PA)

How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu (1DE70PA)

How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu you can learn very easy steps just follow this article.  If need more information please contact HP laptop support. I just try to solve single problem.

How to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu it is not a fix problem triks you can follow other tutorila from HP laptop support. If you want to know about SCREENSHOT ON DELL LAPTOP INSPIRON 15 3558 please click this link.

Did you find issues sometimes as in making the screenshot on HP laptop? Well, making the screenshot no matter whether it

how to Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu
Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu

on mobile or the laptop is one of the fun things to do. But probably for the laptop users, it is one of the trickiest things to follow up. But wait! Here we would share out with the simple and easy to follow method about how to make ascreenshot on HP laptop!

Step By Step Method about How to Screenshot on HP Laptop 15-ay554tu:

Step No 1: Over to the very first step, you will be visiting the site for this screenshot application and then click on the “Launch Application” button. You need to run Java applet to load this tool.

Step No 2: Now choose the display whose screenshot you want to capture.

Step No 3: Now you will be opening the screenshot tool as in the very next step. After it, you have to make the click on the Camera icon on its interface. You can also choose to press the hotkey “PrtScn” to activate the screenshot.

Step No 4:In the next step, you will notice that your mouse cursor has been turned into the blue crosshair. Select the area you want to crop and release the mouse to confirm the screenshot.

Step No 5: In the next step, two toolbars will be going to pop up. You can add them with the annotations according to your choices.

Step No 6: In the last step, you have to click on the “Save” icon on the horizontal toolbar and save the screenshot to your local file.

Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu (1DE70PA)
Screenshot on HP laptop 15-ay554tu (1DE70PA)


Method to Take HP Laptop Screenshot in a Default Way:

           Over the HP laptop, you can take the screenshot with the default way by pressing the “PrtSc”, “Fn + PrtSc” or “Win+ PrtSc” keys. If you are using windows 7 on the HP laptop, then the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard once you press the “PrtSc” key. In this way, you can often make the useof Paint or Word as in order to save the screenshot as an image.


That’s it you have any problem about this tutorial please comment below, I hope you can are understand about this tropic. IF you like this post please share this article in you social media friend. Also you can see other tutorial plese follow this link   SCREENSHOT ON APPLE MACBOOK AIR MMGF2HN/A ULTRABOOK,   SCREENSHOT ON LENOVO LAPTOP IDEAPAD 310 (80SM01EEIH).


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